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  1. 25 FEB

    Service Shutdown on March 31, 2023

    OnCheckin is shutting down customer build operations. Our last build will run on March 31, 2023.

  2. 28 JUN

    New and improved Team management features

    OnCheckin is used by customers with teams of all sizes, ranging from single user account shops to those with hundreds of engineers. Today we extend our team support to make it even easier for teams to manage their deployment projects with the addition of support for project transfers and team member project creation.

  3. 08 MAY

    Deploy to even more environments using OnCheckin and OctopusDeploy

    Customers building and deploying .Net application to large clusters of servers through Octopus Deploy spend considerable time setting up and configuring a local build server. Today at OnCheckin we announce the release of functionality that dramatically improves this situation for customers by extending our current support for FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDeploy deployments to also include OctopusDeploy. Starting today customers gain support for OctoPack builds and Octopus Deploy deployments through OnCheckin at no additional cost.

  4. 13 SEP

    Troubleshooting missing files and failed builds for your Visual Studio projects

    As with any build server technology, when our build servers download your source code to compile it, a number of things can cause your build to fail. Troubleshooting the issue locally often allows you to find and apply a really simple fix, without having to do the “checkin, build, investigate” dance that can sometimes occur when using Continuous Integration.

  5. 22 AUG

    Announcing Visual Studio 2015 Support

    A little under a month ago, Microsoft released a new version of Visual Studio into the world – Visual Studio 2015. At OnCheckin we’re proud to now say that as of August 22nd all of our build and deployment nodes are now running a copy of Visual Studio 2015 Professional ready to help you create your next awesome website or service using .Net Framework 4.6.

  6. 23 JUN

    Monitor post deployment performance with simple NewRelic integration

    Last month we we told you you could easily add deployment version monitoring between your OnCheckin account and the bug monitoring service Raygun.io – this month we’re please to say that we’re now also integrated with NewRelic, so that you can track the performance of your application on every deployment.

  7. 07 MAY

    Track the health of your application on every deployment with Raygun.io

    We recently teamed up with the guys at Raygun.io to offer all of our customers the ability to integrate their OnCheckin deployments with their Raygun account. Raygun’s centralized exception logging and bug tracking allows you to easily keep track of your application’s health, and thanks to our new integration you can now gain insight into how well each of your OnCheckin deployments works to improve it.

  8. 13 APR

    Important news for OnCheckin users logging in with Google

    Nearly a year ago Google made the decision to remove support for Google OpenId login for 3rd party websites such as ours. The majority of our customers use Google login as their main way to authenticate with our service, so ensuring that our customers can safely and securely migrate their OnCheckin credentials was of the highest importance to us. Starting a little over a month ago we launched support for Google’s new preferred login approach OAuth 2.0 – migrating your account to using OAuth is easy.

  9. 13 JAN

    Deploying an Azure Cloud Service? We've got you covered

    Microsoft Azure gives you a number of options for launching your applications – Azure website’s are one of the most popular hosting providers that our customers use. Launching today we now also support the build and deployment of Azure Cloud Services, bringing you the full power of OnCheckin’s continuous build, test and deployment to your websites, web services and windows services deployed to Azure roles.

  10. 20 NOV

    Update on the recent OnCheckin service interruption

    On the evening of November 18th Pacific Standard Time we experience an outage that interrupted access to our website as well as the operation of our source control and build nodes from 5pm PST until 11pm PST. This was caused by our main hosting provider Microsoft Azure themselves having a much larger system outage that affected any of their services that relied on storage (basically all services hosted on Azure). We are extremely sorry to our customers who were attempting to deploy their websites using our service during this time.

  11. 09 MAR

    More Build for your Buck - Multiple environments, Project Naming and Git Branch Support

    Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to keep up with a growth of new users starting out using OnCheckin for their project’s deployment. We haven’t just been sitting idly by though. We’ve been steadily adding to the list of functionality that OnCheckin offers, so we thought we’d take 5 minutes to walk through it with you in a little more detail.

  12. 23 OCT

    Deployment Rinse and Repeat, Faster Deploys and More

    Over the past two months the OnCheckin deployment pipeline has been completely overhauled in preparation for some pretty exciting new features we'll be releasing shortly to make you and your client's holiday season website projects even less stressful - but this hasn't stopped us from also bringing you some upgrades in the interim. Read on more to hear about some of the goodies released this month.

  13. 20 AUG

    We've been busy on some great new features

    It's only been only a few short months since OnCheckin launched, and already we've accomplished so much even though we're only getting started. We've been taking all of your feedback on board and have added many new features and modifications to the service to serve you, our customers, better.

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