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13 APR

Important news for OnCheckin users logging in with Google

Nearly a year ago Google made the decision to remove support for Google OpenId login for 3rd party websites such as ours. The majority of our customers use Google login as their main way to authenticate with our service, so ensuring that our customers can safely and securely migrate their OnCheckin credentials was of the highest importance to us. Starting a little over a month ago we launched support for Google’s new preferred login approach OAuth 2.0 – migrating your account to using OAuth is easy.

In order to continue using your Google account to login to OnCheckin, you need to re-authenticate with our service using OAuth 2.0 so that we can continue to link your Google account to your OnCheckin account.

If you’ve logged in to your OnCheckin account anytime in the last month, your account has probably already been upgraded, but we recommend you attempt to reconnect your account just to make sure.

Upgrading your Google account credentials is easy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit https://oncheckin/manage
  2. Select the “Use your Google account” option
  3. Login to your Google account.
  4. Re-Approve OnCheckin having access to your email account and name.
  5. You’re done!

Once completing the above your account Google should be successfully linked to OnCheckin again using OAuth 2.0.

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