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08 MAY

Deploy to even more environments using OnCheckin and OctopusDeploy

Customers building and deploying .Net application to large clusters of servers through Octopus Deploy spend considerable time setting up and configuring a local build server. Today at OnCheckin we announce the release of functionality that dramatically improves this situation for customers by extending our current support for FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDeploy deployments to also include OctopusDeploy. Starting today customers gain support for OctoPack builds and Octopus Deploy deployments through OnCheckin at no additional cost.

Getting started

We’ve designed our integration with Octopus Deploy with a similar mindset to our other deployment targets; fast to setup and simple to manage.

We support deploying any .Net project that has installed OctoPack, so to configure your project all that is required is to install the OctoPack nuget package.

Once you’ve committed your application to source control, we need to configure OnCheckin to deploy to the nuget feed that your Octopus Deploy server is configured to listen to. For further information on configuring your Octopus Deploy servers nuget feed, check out their documentation for more info.

Once your Octopus Deploy server is configured to listen to your Nuget server, you can configure OnCheckin to publish the OctoPack package in the same way you would configure a WebDeploy or FTP based deployment – through the “Deployment Configuration” tag in your OnCheckin project configuration.

Simply enter your Nuget feed Url, and your Nuget API Key, and OnCheckin will do the rest.


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