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23 JUN

Monitor post deployment performance with simple NewRelic integration

Last month we we told you you could easily add deployment version monitoring between your OnCheckin account and the bug monitoring service Raygun.io – this month we’re please to say that we’re now also integrated with NewRelic, so that you can track the performance of your application on every deployment.

With bug and exception monitoring through RayGun and performance monitoring through NewRelic you’re now able to track the improvements you make on every checkin to source control like never before.


From today onwards, when you configure your OnCheckin deployment project you’ll be able to specify NewRelic application details and an API key under the “pre-deployment” tab.


Once configured, this will allow us to notify NewRelic before every deployment so that they can add an annotation to your applications performance history.

As NewRelic tracks application performance, this will allow you to get a good baseline of your application’s performance “before” and “after” a deployment. If you’re anything like us the nerdy excitement we get from seeing our web applications perform better is not only an awesome thing to see, but it’s the equivalent of unlocking “free” hardware resources. So you and your team can let loose on performance optimizations continuously to better understand the performance impact that your changes are having on your app and end customers.


Note the green line above showing the time that our application was being deployed on the graph.

If you’d like to read more on how to configure your deployment project to work with NewRelic take a look at this support page on configuring NewRelic with OnCheckin.

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