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Configure NewRelic notifications for your deployments

NewRelic is a server and application monitoring service that provides near-realtime insights into the health and performance of your applications. As part of this application monitoring service NewRelic also offers deployment tagging to allow you to monitor any improvements in application performance against every release. OnCheckin supports NewRelic deployment notifications natively, allowing you to easily notify NewRelic for every one of your OnCheckin deployments.

Before starting you’ll need a NewRelic account (register here) with an already configured .Net web application or web service. You can read about how to setup NewRelic for ASP.Net websites here.

You’ll also need a configured OnCheckin deployment project.

To get this working all you need to do is:

  1. Login to NewRelic and get your API key and application name.
  2. Update your OnCheckin project to notify NewRelic on every deployment.

To tick off the first item, head on over to NewRelic and login here.

Open one of your applications, noting it’s name as displayed in the NewRelic console.

From the left hand list of console links, select “Deployments”


Notice that the page is empty as you haven’t run any deployments yet.

Your API key is displayed. Copy everything to the right of the “x-api-key: “ text on the page.


At the same time, copy down your application’s name as it displays in NewRelic for later.

Now switch back to OnCheckin and login to our deployment manager.

Select your project to open it’s configuration.


Then click on the “Deployment configuration” tab and then “Pre-deployment” sub tab.


Enter your NewRelic API key and then the application name that you’ve configured in NewRelic as recorded above.

Now click on the “Review Project” and hit the “Save OnCheckin Project Configuration” button.

When you next run your project you’ll notice that your build log will have a line just before your deployment that mentions:

NewRelic: Successfully notified service of deployment.

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