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28 JUN

New and improved Team management features

OnCheckin is used by customers with teams of all sizes, ranging from single user account shops to those with hundreds of engineers. Today we extend our team support to make it even easier for teams to manage their deployment projects with the addition of support for project transfers and team member project creation.

Starting today customers will be allowed to create new projects in accounts other than their own simply by being a member of another team as a project admin. To ease the way in which projects can be started by customers and then migrated, we also launch support for project transfers, allowing customers to transfer projects to other accounts, simply by entering their collaborators email address.

Team Member project creation

Creating a project in another persons account is simple, simply have the account owner for the account you want to create a project within invite you to their team, and set you as an admin. You can read more about team member management in our documentation.

Once you’ve accepted the invitation to join another team, login to your account’s dashboard and click on the “Add another site” button. This will display for you the option to create a new project in either your own account, or one of the account’s you are an admin of. This screen will automatically be displayed whenever you attempt to create a new project while being an admin of more than one account.


The new project owner selection screen.

The rest of the project creation flow will be identical to creating a normal project using OnCheckin.

Project Transfer

Transferring a project to another account is just as simple. If you are the admin of a project in either your own or another’s account you can start a transfer workflow by visiting the project’s configuration page and clicking on the “Transfer project ownership” link in the right hand navigation bar.


The “Transfer project ownership” link found on the project configuration page.

Once you visit this page you’ll be given the option to enter the email address of a new project owner. OnCheckin will then start a workflow to request permission from the current project owner, email the new project owner, and then complete the transfer. This ensures projects are transferred safely and with the full knowledge of the current owner.


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