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Working with team members and collaborators

By working with others on your deployment projects you collaborate to create great web experiences even faster. Paid customer accounts include the ability to invite external collaborators to help you configure, deploy and promote deployment projects that are controlled under your account.

Inviting collaborators to your team

Inviting team members to help you deploy your applications is easy, and starts by first logging to your OnCheckin deployment console.

Once logged in, visit the Team Management page.

Now enter the email address of the person you’d like to invite to your OnCheckin team and submit.


We’ll then send them an email inviting them to join your OnCheckin team.

Once they accept the invite, depending on the permissions you’ve assigned them they’ll be able to configure, build and promote your deployment projects.

Paid accounts have limitations on the number of team members you can invite, depending on the size of your plan. To find out more review our pricing page.

Configuring Team member permissions

By default, once you’ve invited someone to join your deployment team they’ll be able to view your projects and their build logs. This is the lowest set of permissions you can grant a user on your team and is marked using the View permission label.


You can press either the Manage or Admin buttons next to your new team members name and this will increase their level of access over your account.

With Manage permissions, in addition to being able to view your build logs and current build status, your team member will be able to reconfigure, deploy, and promote your deployment projects.

Admin permissions are one step up again, and allow your team members to archive, transfer and delete your deployment projects. Only assign Admin permissions to users that you trust, as otherwise you risk losing control of your deployment project or worse having them deleted.

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