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07 MAY

Track the health of your application on every deployment with Raygun.io

We recently teamed up with the guys at Raygun.io to offer all of our customers the ability to integrate their OnCheckin deployments with their Raygun account. Raygun’s centralized exception logging and bug tracking allows you to easily keep track of your application’s health, and thanks to our new integration you can now gain insight into how well each of your OnCheckin deployments works to improve it.

If you create an account with Raygun today you can easily add centralized error reporting to your website or service in minutes. Raygun de-duplicates any exception messages to help you detect re-occurring bugs, and integrates really nicely with many third party services to make notifying your team and keeping them abreast of any upcoming issues easy.


Starting today when configuring your OnCheckin projects you’ll notice there is a new option in your project’s deployment settings.

Under the side-tab labelled “Pre-deployment” you’ll notice there’s now an area that allows you to enter your Raygun API keys enabling us to call them on each deployment. You can configure different Raygun keys for each of your OnCheckin deployment environments to enable tracking their post-deployment health separately.


Once configured, every time OnCheckin deploys your website the details of your release and it’s health can be tracked using the Raygun web console. This makes it easy to track whether your recent bug fixes directly relate to a reduction/removal of software defects in your application.


You can read a more detailed walkthrough on how to configure the integration between your OnCheckin and Raygun accounts here.

Set your Phasers to Stun

To celebrate our partnership, Raygun have offered OnCheckin subscribers $50 credit to go towards any Raygun subscription. All you need to do is signup below and then use the following code when your trial expires:


Make today the day you stop receiving floods of error emails, and start Continuously Deploying actual bug fixes to address them.

We’re really excited about the value that partnering with services like Raygun brings to our customers, and will look to continue integrating with other services in the future. If you’ve got a service you’d like us to integrate with to make your OnCheckin account work even harder for you, share your ideas today.

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