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Configure Raygun notifications for your deployments is a managed exception monitoring solution for .Net applications. Raygun supports allowing you to save the point in time a deployment occurred (and therefore your software changed) to make it easier to track the number of bugs your system has before and after a deployment. OnCheckin supports notifying Raygun of any deployments we do on your behalf to make this process even easier.

Before starting, you’ll need an active Raygun account (signup here) with an already configured Raygun application.

The basic steps to get this working are:

  1. Login to Raygun and copy your account Auth token, and your application’s API key.
  2. Update your OnCheckin deployment configuration with your Raygun account information.

To kick us off head on over the to Raygun site and login.

Click on the account link next to your name on the top right of the page and select “My settings”.


Now scroll down the page until you find the field marked “External Access Token”.


Copy this value. We’ll be using this to configure OnCheckin.

Now press on the “Applications” button on the top left of the screen, and then select the application you’d like OnCheckin to send Deployment notifications for.


In the example below we’re selecting the “Example site” application we’ve configured in Raygun previously.


From the application configuration menu on the left, select the “Application Settings” link, and then once the page has loaded copy the “API Key”. This is your application’s identification key, and we’ll also be using this to configure OnCheckin.

You should now have copied down:

  • Raygun account level external auth token.
  • Raygun application level API Key.

We’re now ready to configure your OnCheckin deployment environment for Raygun deployment notifications.

Login to your OnCheckin account –

Select the deployment project you’d like to notify Raygun of and open it’s configuration by clicking on it’s name.

Once on the configuration page for your deployment project, select the “Deployment Configuration” master tab at the top of the page and then select the “Pre-deployment” sub-tab on left. This will load the pre-deployment configuration for your deployment project. On the screen that loads, you should see an area to enter your Raygun configuration for each deployment environment within your deployment project.

Enter the External Auth Token and API Key you copied from the Raygun site above.


Now select the “Review project” tab at the top of the page, and the press the “Save OnCheckin project configuration” button at the bottom of the screen.

You’re now all setup and ready to notify Raygun of each deployment.

If you run an OnCheckin deployment and then login to the Raygun site you should see your deployments stored on the “Deployments” section of your Raygun application’s configuration.


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