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Connecting a GitHub project to OnCheckin

GitHub is an incredibly powerful source control hosting service for developers using Git, if you're as much of a fan of GitHub as we are you're probably pumped to hook up OnCheckin to your Git repository so you can get on with your project as soon as possible. It's incredibly easy, and takes less than 5 minutes.

What you'll need:

  • A GitHub project with your source code already pushed up.
  • Within your GitHub repository, a Visual Studio solution that builds and contains at least one website project.
  • Any unit tests you'd like to run as part of your build checked in to *any assembly* within your project (we auto detect these).
  • Read more about OnCheckin Visual Studio solution setup here.

Getting it all setup

Firstly, log into your OnCheckin console.


Click on "Add another site" or "Add new site" depending on whether this is your first project or not.


Select "GitHub" from the source control provider drop down.

In the new window, login to your GitHub account, and accept OnCheckin's request to authenticate with GitHub.



Select the Project you wish to deploy through OnCheckin


Now that the new window has closed, and your new details have been entered you can optionally enter the sub folder that your project lives within. This allows you to point to the folder that OnCheckin should look for your Visual Studio solution file. There can only be one solution file within this folder, so that OnCheckin uses the correct one.

Next press "Test Source Control Settings"


Now that this worked successfully, switch over to your "Deploy" tab. Now manually enter the name of your web application within your solution. This needs to be the full name as shown within your solution. This is not the namespace, but the actual project name.



Continue entering your deployment credentials and your project is now successfully setup.

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