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How do I setup my project to work best with OnCheckin?

As our main goal is to make setup of Continuous Integration for your project in OnCheckin as easy as possible, so there isn’t much you need to be aware of.

The few conventions that we do follow are listed below, and while the list may grow overtime we aim to keep things simple.

Solution files

  • The folder you point OnCheckin at must contain an Visual Studio Solution file (*.sln). For SVN users this means setting up your OnCheckin project to point to the exact folder of the branch that your solution file sits in, not simply the root. For Git users, you can use the Advanced Settings link to enter a relative path to your solution file inside your repo.
  • The solution/project folder you point OnCheckin at needs to have only a single SLN file within it. If you have multiple files the build will stop.

Web.config transforms

While deploying your application through OnCheckin you are able to apply 3 layers of web.config transforms.

You can read about this in more detail as well as downloading our Visual Studio plugin here.

Application Offline files

If you are using any of the paid plans you are able to use a customised App_offline.htm and our service will use this instead.

This file must sit in the root of your website’s project folder and be named (case insensitive):


OnCheckin will upload this as a normal App_Offline.htm file instead of the default OnCheckin offline page.

Remember that all of the normal things that apply to App_offline.htm files apply, such as encoding any images, and using CSS embedded inside the page.

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