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My app stays "Offline" after a failed deployment

When you deploy your website using OnCheckin we place a "website is offline" page in your application's place. If your website's deployment ceases halfway your application will be left in a "halfway" state. The offline page will remain.

This is accomplished with the use of a single file: app_offline.htm

This is by design.

When your application's deployment fails part way, your website is left in an unknown state. Binaries and dependencies left in a potentially unstable state.

When this occurs, it is recommended that you take one of the following actions:

Investigate your deployment project's logs

If you'd like to see more information about what happened, login to your OnCheckin management console.


Click on "results".


Click the latest build job and investigate your build logs for a reason why.


Hopefully this should give you information to investigate access rights, network issues, or storage space limitations.

Attempt deployment again

If after investigating your deployment project's failed deployment run, if it appears to have been caused by a temporary reason (momentary network outage, access rights that have been corrected), then you can attempt to redeploy your application.

As the issue from your previous build was caused by a deployment (because you app_offline.htm is still online), we suggest that you ensure that the next deployment is done with the same source control revision the previous deployment was run from.

Login in to your OnCheckin account, and in your deployment manager click "results"


On the next page, for the row of your latest deployment result click "Redeploy" to kick off a build from the same revision.


Then select "yes" to the confirmation dialog to kick off another deployment.


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