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What types of projects can I build and deploy?

When you build and deploy your website with OnCheckin it’s the same as doing a build on your local machine with Visual Studio and MSBuild.

Your builds run on a dedicated Azure Small VM with 1.75gb of memory and has the following software installed:

  • Visual Studio 2010 Premium
  • Visual Studio 2012 Premium
  • Visual Studio 2013 Premium
  • Visual Studio 2015 Premium
  • SQL Express 2016

In order to deploy your project it must be either an ASP.Net Website or ASP.Net Web Application. For the time being OnCheckin deploys websites only.

Any website project that builds in Visual Studio 2010-2013 without major msbuild file modification should have no problems deploying through OnCheckin.

ASP.Net websites (loose folder sites) still undergo a complete build, and for large websites this can make builds times increase. This also highlights any errors in your website codebase, which although may still allow most of your website to run still will fail your OnCheckin build.

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