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Why use OnCheckin vs a local build server?

OnCheckin aims to be both the simplest and most secure solution for easily deploying changes to your .Net websites and web services.

A few high level tenets we take while building and deploying your code for you and your team to make this part of our DNA:

  • Your code is yours. We don’t store it, or let others see it (even our staff). Once we’ve deployed your site, we remove your source code from our servers entirely.
  • We don’t delete anything from your servers during testing or deployment. If you’re worried your user uploaded content will be removed when we upload, you don’t need to worry.
  • We do overwrite each file that is included in the deployment package if a remote version exists. As you are deploying using OnCheckin through your Source Control it is assumed that past versions of files are backed up in your source control should you need to revert your site.
  • If a deployment fails, we leave our holding page up. When we deploy your website or service, we put up a holding page. If something goes wrong while we’re deploying your application, we leave your application offline until you can troubleshoot in more detail.
  • Your deployment access details are securely stored to keep them away from prying eyes. We have strict protocols for the storage and transmission of your credentials to keep them from prying eyes, and our systems are built so that our staff are unable to access them.
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