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My FTP Deployments are taking a while, is this normal?

Customers with projects that contain large numbers of files often have their deployment times affected by the additional time required for an upload of their project to occur.

When OnCheckin deploys your website the time it takes to complete a deployment can be affected by a number of factors:

  • Size of your website project.
  • Internet connectivity between our US Azure based build nodes and your server.
  • Performance and load that your FTP server is under at the time we deploy your website.

On top of this when deploying your OnCheckin project using FTP we upload every file, every time. This means that if you have hundreds of files in your project we upload every single one on each deployment. This is mostly because of factors outside of our control. FTP is an open standard but many different types of FTP server software report file timestamps differently, making it difficult for our build nodes to know what files from your build are new, and what files are already up to date on your server.

If you are experiencing performance issues when deploying your site by FTP we recommend switching to using Microsoft’s WebDeploy instead. WebDeploy offers great encryption and file compression, while also natively supporting file deltas. This means that if you only change a single CSS file, we only upload that file making for lightening quick deploys.

Microsoft has a number of tutorials on configuring WebDeploy, so if you’re looking to investigate it as a different deployment approach simply follow the link below:

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