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How do I Whitelist access OnCheckin servers?

Currently OnCheckin is hosted on cloud infrastructure in the US and Europe. If you would like to whitelist access to your environment through the use of firewall or IP restrictions in your Web Deploy configuration you can do so by allowing only the following list of IP address ranges.

OnCheckin Node Addresses (Added 9th August 2014) (Added 9th August 2014)
137.135.112.* (Added 30th September 2014)
137.135.113.* (Added 30th September 2014)
137.135.114.* (Added 30th September 2014)

NOTE: As we grow we will be adding to this list over time regularly. As we host using Microsoft Azure based build nodes, please refer to Microsoft’s greater IP range list here.


ASafaWeb Services

Our web security testing partners ASafaWeb hosts on the AppHarbor platform in their US data centre.

There IP addresses are documented in the AppHarbor FAQ, but do however change from time to time.

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