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How do I get Unit Tests working with OnCheckin?

One powerful advantage to using Continuous Integration and Deployment is the ability to constantly have confidence in your ability to build and deploy a working version of your website at any time. One way you can ensure this is the case is with the addition of automated Unit Tests to check that your applications logical paths are still as you left them before you last check in.

OnCheckin supports the execution of Unit Tests automatically for the following frameworks:

  • mbUnit
  • nUnit
  • Microsoft Test (MSTest)
  • xUnit

On every build, our service will search for unit tests in all of your project’s binaries and automatically run them – the results will be available on your build’s results page from within the deployment manager.

An automated deployment with not go ahead if you have failing unit tests unless you have opted to have your project ignore unit test failures from the “deployment” page in your project’s configuration page.


Are their any limitations?

While we support running Unit Tests for a variety of different unit testing frameworks, we do put some limitations around this:

  • Unit Tests for your application must complete in under 5 minutes.
  • While your unit tests will have access to the internet, we suggest that you write unit tests not integration tests, to ensure that the they complete quickly as well as being less brittle. Read about the difference.
  • Your unit tests must not interact with the local build server they are running on in anyway (create databases, talk to the file system outside your project).
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