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How do I deploy from a different Source Control branch?

By default OnCheckin uses a few approaches to choosing your source control branch depending on whether you are using a Git based source control provider.

Please take note of the following when setting up your project's source control:

Bitbucket, Github and Private Git

Projects that use Git repositories as their source will default to using the "master" branch.

Git repositories support branching as a higher level concept and therefore the Url alone is not enough to indicate to OnCheckin what branch for us to use. To make it possible for us to build from branches that aren't "master" we've included the ability for you to enter your desired branch as an additional field.

To configure this open your project's configuration to the "Source Control" tab.

Setup your project as you normally would with a Github, Bitbucket or private Git repository address.

Then click on the "Advanced settings" link.


Enter your desired branch name (ie "develop" if you were using the Gitflow workflow for Git).


Test your source control settings as per normal. This will actually also test for the presence of your Git branch.

Continue to setup your project as per normal.

Team Foundation Server

When you setup your project using Team Foundation Server or the Visual Studio TFS service, you enter the url for your Team Foundation Server Project Collection.

You then also need to enter the branch that your solution file sits in.

To do this open your project to it's Source Control tab and setup your TFS project settings as per normal.


After entering your TFS server's address, you then need to enter your TFS project branch URL as you would enter it in Visual Studio when creating a binding.


Then test your project's source control and save you project as per normal.


Projects that use Subversion make it quite simple to build from a different branch as branches in Subversion are simply URL based.

To setup a project to build from a different Subversion branch simply enter the full branch URL that includes your solution file as your project URL.

Building from trunk:


Building from features branch:


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