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Configuring WebDeploy Exclusions

Whenever we build, test and deploy your website we push all of the files and folders in your projects build output.

When you deploy using WebDeploy you’re given the option to delete files we find on your webserver that aren’t in your build output. This is important if you find yourself deleting files from your project often, as if you leave the files on the destination host, they’ll still be accessible by remote users.

When you elect to not leave files on your destination server, you’re given the choice to enter a list of folders and files that you’d like to remain when we clean up your web server’s folders.


Rules for folder exclusions

  • Enter a new rule on each line.
  • All rules are relative paths and must start with a backslash “\”
  • Folders end with a backlash.
    i.e. “\AppData\”
  • Files must have a file extension on the end.
    i.e. “\AppData\myfile.txt”

If you’d like to test what will occur when you deploy with your exclusions, you can run a Test build and review the build logs to see whether your files are updated or removed.

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